The mission of our portal is to propagate cultural achievements of Polish communities in the world, to integrate Polish people abroad as well as to initiate and strengthen co-operation between Poles in Poland and those living abroad.

The main objective of the e-Polonia magazine is to provide an independent information and discussion platform open to all Polish people irrespective of their country of residence, political views and world-views. The open form of the portal allows unlimited exchange of information, thoughts, and opinions, enables to establish contacts both between institutions and individuals. We are open to present all kinds of local and foreign Polish institutions, companies and organizations which are willing to co-operate by means of the portal.

Thanks to a wide range of topics, the e-Polonia magazine should be equally attractive to people who want to share their political views, businesspeople in search of new markets, as well as young people looking for friends or, simply, for a place in which they would like to spend the evening. On e-Polonia you will also find information about most important events in the realm of culture, social life, business and tourism both in Poland and in your country of residence. Everybody will be able to find something useful here.

We would like to invite you to join the e-Polonia Internet magazine community and make use of the portal resources. The structure of the portal, its attractiveness and usability will solely depend on you and on the volume of information placed on the site. You are welcome to join us!

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